What's Your Secret Sauce?

I had a client tell me yesterday how much he likes the writing I do for his company.  How good it makes him look and how well it translates his point of view onto paper.

I tell you this for two reasons:

1.  To brag.
2.  To impress upon you the importance of figuring out what your special gift is. Mine is a particular type of writing (first person, story-based, casual) for a particular type of client (professional service provider).  When this type of person wants this type of writing, I honestly believe that I am the most qualified person on planet Earth for doing the work.

That’s big.  Not only because it gives you confidence, but also because when a client believes that about you, there are no suitable substitutes.  They’ll wait for you to be available and thrilled when you are.

Lots of people (and companies) try to explain their expertise by using a grab bag of positive, but generic traits: good customer service, professional qualifications, wisdom, good listening skills, professionalism, etc.  All are important, but none come close to the marketing traction you get when a client believes that you and nobody else but you can get the job done right.

Figure out your own special sauce and spread it around.

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