Turn Down Your Radio

Lots of bad news out there these days. Or so I’ve been told… I don’t listen to it.

Every time a story comes on the radio (or TV or newspaper or whatever) whose purpose is to give me one more view into what’s going wrong, I shut it off.

Here’s how I look at it: The “economy” is an average of what’s going on in general. It matters if you’re an economist, or a member of the media, or an academic, or anyone else whose job it is to report on and predict trends.

But it’s still an average of what’s going on in general.  I don’t live in general — I live a single, specific life with a single specific business. And so while I care about the people and businesses whose lives are hurt by the down economy, mine isn’t (and will never be) one of them.  I make my own economy.

Is it naive?  Or unrealistic?  Or just plain irresponsible to focus on what’s going well and ignore anything bad in the belief that we all make our own future?

I don’t know.  But I do know this:  That’s what “they” told me nine years ago when I quit a comfy job, even though I had no clients and no business plan.

So I say keep pedaling, keep creating, keep focusing on whatever it is you do. And keep your finger on your radio’s off switch.

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