Narrow Marketing = Expert Status

I spoke at an event last night on the topic of “owning a niche,” or Narrow Marketing as I like to call it.

I have to say, if you asked me to put my finger on the one thing that has contributed the most to whatever solo professional success I’ve had (other than my incredible good looks) is the fact that I occupy a very, very narrow niche: email newsletters.

Simple question for you.  In each pair below, which of the two choices do you assume is more expert at what they do?:

Attorney, or Divorce attorney for lesbian couples

Freelance writer, or White paper specialist for the computer industry

Auto mechanic, or Auto mechanic for BMW’s

Isn’t it clearly the latter in each case?  And isn’t it amazing how by knowing nothing more than a phrase describing a specialty, you naturally assume that with it comes expertise?

If you’re not narrow, you’re working harder to market your business than necessary.

6 thoughts on “Narrow Marketing = Expert Status

  1. Justin Rondeau - TemplateZone

    Have you heard the Dr. Roof radio ad? Your point about finding a narrow niche is articulated very well by the narrator of the ad and I thought you would appreciate it.

    “Do you want someone who has done 4,000 things 3 times, or someone who has done 3 things 4,000 times?”

  2. Neal Nelson

    You have to be careful. I started to learn more and more about less and less until I now know everything about nothing. So now I am about ready to retire.
    I appreciate all the good work you do.
    Neal Nelson

    1. Michael Katz Post author

      Neal — I love that quote! And there’s definitely a joke in there somewhere about being married so long that ….

      I appreciate your comments — thanks for being a part of the site.


  3. Jeff Chawenson

    I have taken the approach that my competitors have spent 40 years learning their craft. I have spent 40 years learning what not to do, and that is the expertise I offer my clients.

    One of the best referrals I’ve ever had was to your site Michael. Thanks.


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