Ironing Out the Rankles

So I’m eating my bagel, sipping my coffee, reading the Boston Business Journal this morning and minding my own business.

When suddenly, I come upon page 10 of the July 11th edition and spot this headline:  “Commuter railing: Travel time rankles most readers.” Apparently, the  folks at the BBJ asked their readers to answer the following question:

“Which work-related thing would you like the most independence from?” Here are the top five answers, in descending order of frequency:

My commute — 35%
My 9-5 schedule — 34%
My boss — 17%
My co-workers — 9%
My office dress code — 5%

And as I sat there at 10am, in shorts and a T-shirt, 1 mile from my home and 1.5 miles from my office, with not a boss or co-worker in sight, I realized that as a solo professional, once more, we’ve got it made.

2 thoughts on “Ironing Out the Rankles

  1. Shaun

    Hehe, yes, it’s incredibly great. The most important concept for me is simply taking the afternoon nap. Just cause I can. =)


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