Are You Having Fun Yet?

I think you’d agree that one of the reasons for starting your own business is “more fun.” More interesting work; more control over who your clients are; more freedom to think, dress, say, DO whatever you want to do every day.    A pretty good recipe for fun.

But here’s the thing… you have to take advantage of the freedom to get the fun.

In other words, just because you technically have the freedom to take your dog for a walk in the woods in the middle of the day (like I just did), you’re not benefiting unless you shut the computer down and actually do it every once in a while.

The problem is that for many of us — and whether the excuse we tell ourselves is that we’re too busy, or not busy enough, or busy now but who knows if we’ll have enough work a month from now, or whatever — the day for having the fun never comes.

The way I look at it, if you’re going to dress like you still have a job, work like you still have a job, plan your day like you still have a job, etc., you may as well still have one.

Don’t forget to take advantage of what it means to be a solo professional… fun is at the top of my list!

5 thoughts on “Are You Having Fun Yet?

  1. Jean Gogolin

    Does taking time out to plant some new perennials yesterday count? I adore being on my own for a dozen reasons, one of which is the freedom to read good blogs whenever I want: yours, Seths Blog, Sonia Simone’s Remarkable Communications, Copyblogger, and a quirky one by Communicatrix. All of them are a great combination of idea provokers and relaxers. I couldn’t do that in a corporate cubicle.

  2. Sue Horner

    My sentiments exactly! The other perk you need to make sure you take advantage of is meeting a friend for lunch. After all, if anyone can take off in the middle of the day for a fun lunch, it’s you in your home office, right? That’s of course on the days you are driven by deadlines…

  3. Jean Gogolin

    This week I really pushed the envelope by having a beer while having lunch with an old friend. I even got some work done that afternoon.


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