Improving As You Go

For the first seven years I was in business, I dutifully filed away my bills and receipts by type: Electric, phone, bank statements, etc…  I put them all into their proper folders each month.  At the end of each year, after filing my taxes, I’d dump everything into a box, label it with the year, and store it in my attic.

At the start of this year it dawned on me that I never seemed to need any of those paper records once they’d been filed. (Everything was tracked in my Quicken software anyway.)  So I just stopped doing the filing — now I just drop the stuff directly into a box.

The point is, there are things about the way you operate your business that may no longer make sense (in my case with the bills and receipts, it never made sense at all).  The hard part is realizing where you’re wasting time and effort.

How about you?  Are there things you’re still doing that add no value???

1 thought on “Improving As You Go

  1. Lissa Bergin-Boles

    GREAT topic worth thinking about…
    Reminds me of the day a few years back when I suddenly felt like I was moving through mud with lead shoes on.
    I’d just gotten my final (of four) coaching certification and it was time to put all my big plans into motion. Only trouble was I suddenly had no mojo for it.
    Took me a while to get the point, cause at first I just thought I was tired. But when a month of ‘taking it easier’ didn’t change a thing, it started to become clear that my ideas about what I was supposed to do with that last piece of paper wasn’t lining up with my life’s ideas of what I was supposed to do with that last piece of paper.
    Funny how a little thing like a thought can so totally arrange – or futz with – your life, huh?


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