Fastest Check In The West

The generally accepted turnaround time for invoice payment on professional services is 30 days.  Some clients take a little longer, very (very) few pay more quickly, and the majority are right on the money at 30 days.

Not me; I’m a super-fast payer.  Not for people like the phone company or gas company, but to another professional — particularly if it’s a solo person — I pay the minute I get the invoice.

Why?  Because it’s a nice gesture that costs me close to nothing and yet is always noticed on the other end.  The way I look at it, being viewed by the professionals I depend on as a fantastic client is worth more in a pinch than having the money sitting in my bank account for another 30 days.

Try it.  Next time you call for a favor, I’ll bet they go out of their way to help you too.

1 thought on “Fastest Check In The West

  1. Barbara Saunders

    I have one regular client for whom I do a set amount of work for a set amount. It roughly works out to a once-a-month check, but not necessarily. Last month my client sent a check in advance of my completing the work!


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