I Don't Sell Anything

OK, that’s not exactly true, but here’s what I mean.

While stumbling along, early in my life as a solo professional, I had no idea how to close a sale.  But I was pretty good at listening and talking, so when somebody called me up, that’s what I did.  No attempt to sell, just listening and talking.  The thing I discovered, is that when somebody has an interest in your services (and you don’t try to close the deal), if they like what you have to say, they try to close it for you.

Example: Just got off the phone with a man who owns a retail shoe store.  Very nice guy, but I told him I only work with “people who sell air — financial planners, attorneys, coaches, etc.”  I don’t know much about retail (unless you count two years working as a bank teller at the Brookline Savings Bank, which I don’t), and I told him so.

Here’s the kicker.  He says, “I’m a salesman, so I can’t easily take no for an answer.  Please check out my web site, and consider it.  I’ll call you next week.” I said OK.

Think about that.  A prospective client has me on his calendar, and he’s going to make sure to follow-up with me next week.

The point, I think, is that in a world filled with deal closers, when you simply relax and interact with people — and give them good information and honest give and take in the process — it’s pretty irresistible.

Am I going to work with him?  I don’t think so… unless he can convince me that I’m missing something.  Either way, having the prospect so intensely interested sure makes finding new clients a lot more fun.

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