Don’t Overlook the Freedom

It’s 11:30am, and I just arrived at my office (we had a problem with the computer at home and I wanted to get that fixed before I came in).

Driving to my office just now, I noticed how much freedom I now have in my life.  No set hours, no set meetings and no reward for "face time" (or penalty for a lack of it).  All my clients care about is what I do for them, and I have complete freedom to work where, when and how I want (and yes, now that you mention it, I haven’t shaved today either).

When you’re a solo professional, you call the shots.  If you like working "regular office hours" that’s fine.  But if you don’t, or if you just want to enjoy the last few days of summer by taking the dog for a walk in the park, you can do that too.

The longer I’ve been working on my own, the more I understand that the rewards don’t have all that much to do with money.

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