Branding, On the Cheap

photo stamp
I’ve never had custom envelopes.  I’ve got company letterhead, and of course I’ve got business cards, but given how few snail-mail letters I send, it just didn’t seem worth it to pay for custom envelopes.

As a result, I confess to always having had a bit of envelope envy.  And each time I’d receive a beautifully designed, logo-laden parcel from one of my colleagues, I’d wince just a bit to think of the plain, white containers I use.

Those days are over.  Thanks to a very neat service called, I now use custom-made stamps with my logo.  They’re self-stick, and yes, they are honest to goodness, 100% authentic, U.S. postage.  A sheet of twenty, 41 cent stamps costs about 90 cents each (less if you buy in larger quantities).  They’re so unique, even the folks at my local post office do a double-take.

Try it for yourself, and be envious no more.

5 thoughts on “Branding, On the Cheap

  1. Patsi Krakoff, The Blog Squad

    Welcome to the Blogosphere, Michael! I remember you responded to an email I wrote you back in 2005 suggesting you blog, and you felt it might be a fleeting fad or something like that… love your blog, love your writing, looking forward to reading more.

  2. Name Withheld to Protect the Innocent

    Love the blog even if you “felt like it was a fleeting fad” in 2005. What an obnoxious comment from Patsi Krakoff.
    She supposed to teach people how to create blogs but she comes on your blog and doesn’t comment on the post, but doesn’t nothing but self-promote herself.
    I’ve learned a lot from you on your newsletter and I’m sure I’ll learn a lot from your blog. I’ve also learned where NOT to go for blog advice.

  3. Michael Katz

    Actually, I’ve never been against blogs as a species, just like I’m not against chainsaws as a species — I’m just not sure they’re worth having in all cases and for all people. I think that as a tool for getting clients (which this blog is not) it’s a miss.
    Here’s the comment on this subject I sent to my friend Mark Brownlow, which he posted on his blog just the other day:


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