Are you very good at what you do… but don’t have enough great clients?

Are you experienced, smart, and hard-working… but few people know about you?

Are you excited about your work… but unsure how to talk about it?

I can help you.

When we walked into life as solo professionals, we walked into a word of mouth world.

Which means that while being smart, attentive, experienced and all the rest is important, if few people have ever heard of you – and even fewer know, like and trust you – you’re going to have a hard time generating the business and income you want.

For that, you need three things:

1. People need to understand what you do. You need a clear and simple way to describe your work.

2. People need to remember you. You need to stay top of mind over time, so that they think of you first when a problem arises.

3. People need to like you. They need to trust you, feel comfortable with you, value your point of view and perspective.

In short, you need to be known as, what I call, a Likeable Expert.

That’s how I get involved. I help solo professionals get more of the clients and work they want, by teaching them how to become Likeable Experts.

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