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Do you struggle with marketing your professional service business?

Do you waste a lot of time on tactics that don’t make a difference?

Do you have difficulty clearly explaining the work you do and the value you provide?

I can help.

Over the past 20+ years, I’ve shown over 500 independent professional service providers how to develop simple, repeatable marketing programs based on word-of-mouth (which is where most of your clients and all of your best clients come from).

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Solo Rules Are Different Rules

I’ve been learning how to play golf. I have yet to set foot on an actual course, but at this point I’ve had about five lessons with Dave and have been to the driving range on my own about as many times. Given how many friends play, not to mention the inevitable and ever-setting sun of my basketball playing days, golf seems like a reasonable next step. So far, I’m liking it. Although, as I have quickly learned, golf is like no sport I have ever been involved in. The stance […] Click to read more…