It takes three things to attract the clients and referrals you want:

  1. You need to be viewed as expert.
  2. You need to stay top of mind.
  3. You need to appear trustworthy and likeable.

That’s how you separate yourself from the pack and how potential clients come to believe that you can help them.

Over the past 20 years, I’ve shown over 500 small professional service firms and independents how to do exactly that.

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Michael Katz, Chief Penguin
Blue Penguin Development



Profanity in Your Newsletter?

Here in the twenty-first century, everyone claims to “have no time.” The accepted wisdom, therefore, is that if you want anyone to read your newsletter, watch your video, attend your presentation, etc., it’s got to be super short. Busy, busy, busy – none of us has even a minute to spare. Unless … it’s a podcast. In that case, we all suddenly have three hours available. I don’t understand it, but I admit that I am not immune to this trend. Like you, I now have a handful of podcasts that I […] Click to read more…