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Do you struggle with marketing your professional service business?

Do you waste a lot of time on tactics that don’t make a difference?

Do you have difficulty clearly explaining the work you do and the value you provide?

I can help.

Over the past 20+ years, I’ve shown over 500 independent professional service providers how to develop simple, repeatable marketing programs based on word-of-mouth (which is where most of your clients and all of your best clients come from).

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Trust-Based Marketing

How afraid of heights am I? Well, let’s just say that if I were any taller, I’d be scared to stand up straight. And so during a recent trip to Costa Rica, when my wife and two sons asked if I wanted to join them in a paragliding adventure, my first response was, “I believe you have mistaken me for somebody else.” After all, if cleaning the leaves out of our house gutters (on the first floor) causes my hands to sweat, I can only imagine what kind of deluge […] Click to read more…