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Do you have difficulty clearly explaining the work you do and the value you provide?

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Over the past 20+ years, I’ve shown over 500 independent professional service providers how to develop simple, repeatable marketing programs based on word-of-mouth (which is where most of your clients and all of your best clients come from).

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3 Ways You Are Better Than A.I.

I’ve been reading a book called, “The Armchair Economist,” by Steven E. Landsburg. It kind of reads like a slightly more academic prequel to Freakonomics, having been published a decade earlier in 1993, but still using economic principles to explain different things about the world, many of them counterintuitive. Things like… Why celebrity endorsements increase sales, even when the endorsements convey no information about the product. (p. 14) Why a world where paper is recycled results in a world with fewer trees. (p. 98) Why believing that Amazon’s (or any large […] Click to read more…