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My presentations and workshops focus on showing professionals how to market themselves more effectively and stand out as likeable experts. They’re available for both associations and organizations.

My most popular topics are described below, but if your organization needs something different, just let me know! All programs are custom fit for each engagement. Oh yeah, and they’re funny too.

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“Your presentation was the best of the conference.
It was the most practical and implementable info.”

– Stephen Rogers, Rogers Spring Hill

Word of Mouth Marketing

What to say and how to say it, so that people will tell others about you.

Ask any professional where their best clients come from and they’ll all tell you the same thing: “Word of mouth.” The problem is, most professionals view word of mouth as a “fortunate coincidence.” Instead, and if you can learn to clearly describe what you do – and in a way that others can understand, remember and share – you will significantly boost both the word of mouth and inbound referrals you receive.

Specifically, this program covers:

  • The principles of word of mouth marketing
  • Why shiny elevator statements don’t work (and what to say instead)
  • Why capability and experience have nothing to do with generating word of mouth
  • Why narrowing your business focus is essential
  • Why being impressive and being remembered are not the same thing

How to be a Leading Expert

Every professional wants to be seen as an expert. And why shouldn’t we, there really is no downside. You can charge higher fees, existing clients are less inclined to look elsewhere and prospective clients are more likely to seek you out.  Being seen as an expert opens doors and makes all of your business-building efforts more efficient and more productive.

The challenge, of course, is getting there. Moving up the ladder from “capable professional” to “trusted advisor” is very much worth your while, but it requires a consistent, well thought out approach to modifying the way you position yourself and the services you offer.

The good news is that being viewed as an expert is much more about how you put yourself out into the world than it is about becoming smarter, more educated or more experienced. Sure, you need to be all three of those too. But the thing is, you already are.

Your “non-expert problem” is not due to a lack of capability. It’s due to a lack of focus, a lack of visibility, and a lack of an authoritative, clearly stated point of view. There’s also (usually) a pretty healthy dose of “I’m not good enough / experienced enough / ready enough” thrown in there as well.

This program explores all that and offers practical, specific steps for being seen as an expert in your field.

Beyond Social Media

Finding your voice, increasing your visibility, connecting with your customers. Specifically, this session will cover:

  • The 3 big changes that have made marketing your business the “traditional” way impossible.
  • Why your personal “story” is your best marketing weapon against “the big guy” and why they’re already trying to copy you.
  • How to build trust, word of mouth referrals and inbound traffic through authentic communication
  • The risk of anonymity and how to avoid it
  • Why narrowing your focus is the most effective path to visibility.
  • Why experts create content and where to begin
  • Why your existing relationships are your most effective business assets and how to leverage them.
  • One thing you should do every day to help your business stand out and be remembered.

E-Newsletters That Work!

In today’s tightened economic environment, companies are looking for ways to reduce expenses, while still continuing to grow and market their businesses. Effective E-Newsletters provide a systematic, highly targeted, extremely cost effective means for achieving this.

In this fast paced session, Michael Katz reviews the basics of E-Newsletters, and uses real world examples to demonstrate how professional service companies are using this tool to improve the way they do business.

"Thank you for your wonderfully entertaining and educational presentation. It was extremely well received!"
Marc Pelletier
President, SMPS Boston Chapter

"Straightforward, sensible, good stage presence and engaging."
Julie Horvath
Century 21 Adams

"Right on target, useful, and delivered with humor and honesty."
Roni Lipton
Community Dispute Settlement Center

"Wonderful presentation. Your energy and sense of humor made it fun and validating. Thanks."
Norbert Lazar
The Phantom Gardener, Inc.

"Insights to make us successful … fabulous, thought provoking afternoon!"
Gail Vanik
Four Seasons Greenhouse & Nursery

"Thanks for a great presentation. I am so pleased we could bring you to our members. What a personality! Loved it."
Catherine MacDonagh
Ruberto, Israel & Weiner

"You do a fabulous presentation. The central theme; key components have the 'Ah-hah!' factor — simple but powerful ('Why didn't I think of that?'). And your humor is sharp."
Ray Andrews

"Great presentation — funny, effective and informative!"
Lynn Mason-Small
Director, Communications and Marketing, Yarmouth Area Chamber of Commerce

"I loved your presentation. Very exciting, FILLED with munchie info and totally FUN! And the follow-up material I just received from you is also excellent."
Alan Tauber
The DrumConnection

"I really enjoyed your program this morning! You used humor well, the content was good and presented wonderfully. Your seminar really got me thinking."
Lee Finkle Estridge
Professional Coach

"An informative, interesting discussion. Excellent points, solid real world analogies."
Tom Bloom
Diet Candle Company

"Terrific Presentation. Informative and incisive. Michael Katz knows how to communicate in person as well as he does online!"
Sarah Cusick
Director of Marketing, Nauset, Inc.

"Great presentation — succinct and to the point."
Gloria Lara
London, Lara and Fitzgerald, LLC

"Wonderful presentation – informative, engaging and entertaining!"
Erica Kleinkopf
Thirty Petals Boutique

"Very interesting and your style of presentation is totally engaging."
Linda de Valpine
Greentail Works, Inc.

Frank Smith
Smith & Associates